The University of Minnesota, under the leadership of Dr. Paul Orchard, conducted the first-in-the-USĀ gene therapy to treat metachromatic leukodystrophy in 2021. This pioneering technology holds the potential to stop the onset of symptoms of MLD and give children a life free of the effects of MLD. We can almost not hope to say it, but in other words, a cure. Chloe’s Fight was founded when this treatment option was years away. Now, with the University’s achievement firmly established we believe our work as a stand alone organization is done. However, we encourage any of our donors and supporters to continue to give to the U of MN to support the work to expand this work. You can direct any giving to the University of Minnesota’s “MLD Novel Therapies and Research Fund 24378” which Chloe’s Fight helped to establish in February of 2022.

Until there are cures. 

Rare Disease Month