Wear Something Rare

Has your grandma knit you a, uhm, unique sweater? Did your sister give you a tie that no one in their right mind would ever wear? What about those great shoes you bought that you want to show off? Rare Disease Day 2017 is your chance! About 300 million people worldwide are living with some kind of rare disease. Of the 7,000 diseases only about 400 have an effective treatment.

Show your support for these individuals by wearing something one-of-a-kind on Tuesday, February 28th and wear one of our “Wear Something Rare” buttons to let your friends and coworkers know why! Contact us or pick up one of the “Wear Something Rare” buttons at Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe.


When: Model your “Rare Wear” with pride along with the button on February 28th – you will be able to pick up a button from the location below during the whole month of February

What: A fun dress-up event following a month long campaign to raise awareness for individuals whose lives have been touched by a rare disease

Where:The buttons are available at Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe in Downtown Hopkins





In partnership with Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe and NORD
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