Chloe’s Fight First PRI in partnership with the Venn Foundation

In February, Chloe’s Fight joined the University of MN in a groundbreaking Venn Foundation PRI, focused on helping commercialize an Osteosarcoma Prognostic Test. The focus of this project is to take the promising research of Dr. Modiano and help bring it to market for the benefit of society. Chloe’s Fight Rare Disease Foundation is committed to continue to look for ways to partner with other rare disease organizations and fund research that could benefit children because TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONG.

With the support of donor partners, Venn will provide the University with $302,500 in PRI funding to help Dr. Modiano prove that the approach previously validated in dogs can also work with humans.  

Once proven in humans, the University hopes to license the technology to a company that will take it to market for the benefit of patients and their families.  

If the University earns revenue from the license, the University will split it with Venn on a 50/50 basis up until a maximum 3X return of the original Venn funding.  After applying a success fee, Venn will allocate this return pro rata to Chloe’s Fight and other participating donor accounts, where donors can then recommend redeployment of those dollars into new PRIs or grants.

Click below to download the fact sheet on the project.